CFO Roadmap - The CFO's Perspective on Tax and Reputation

The world of taxation is changing.

The release of BEPS, although driven by a tax motive, has wide ranging implications for a CFO as it not only demands full transparency on tax sensitive data but also requires a full disclosure of the operational and governance model of the company, in order to check for misalignments between all three.

Because of this, it is more crucial than ever that CFOs step out of their comfort zone and begin their journey from ‘’staying out of trouble’’ towards being ‘’fully in control’’ of business operations, to avoid controversies and consequential reputational and personal risks.

Hence, TPA Global has developed a practical roadmap of 6 steps meant to guide CFOs in their Journey of rising above troubles to reach a situation of full control.

These steps are presented as short video clips (3-5 minutes) in our animated Booklet, you can find at the following link:

The six steps towards being in control include:

  1. Obtaining control of your financial and tax data;
  2. Adopting a software-based global tax compliance approach;
  3. Risk planning and Provisioning to optimize your effective tax rate;
  4. Aligning governance and operational conduct;
  5. Managing your in-house challenges;
  6. Communicating clearly and efficiently to stakeholders.


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TPA Global provides solutions in the area of BEPS, Value Chain Analysis for multinationals along with variety of tax, business and educational technologies. Let us show you how to improve your operations and move from “staying out of trouble” to “being in control”.

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