10 Practical Tips to Manage (tax risk) and File your Country-by-Country Report before year end!

Global Tax Technology

The webinar will cover the following 10 practical topics:

  1. What are the important visual data analysis tools I should be using to detect BEPS tax risk and the ‘false +ves’ (no BEPS tax risk)?
  2. A practical case study on how a CBC Report should be analyzed.
  3. What quick steps I should take to mitigate any potential BEPS risk in my CBC Report?
  4. How to ensure my legacy tax positions not becoming dragged in the post BEPS world?
  5. Should I be proactive or reactive in my communication to tax authorities on the analysis outcome of the CBC Report, i.e. what is the role of Table 3?
  6. What is the most relevant tax technology tool to manage my tax risk in a CBC Report?
  7. How to convert the big data in a CBC Report into an opportunity, for example, by performing a high-level value chain analysis?
  8. How to get a buy-in from the key stakeholders on the business and tax changes suggested by the outcome of the CBC Report risk analysis?
  9. How to manage corporate tax governance in case there are too many BEPS tax risks?
  10. What quick organization changes I should be making to remain in control of my CBC Report risk assessment process, i.e. how does my multiple year approach look like?

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