A presentation on how to run a VCA in light of digital economy re-writing business models

Value Chain Analysis (VCA)

In this age of digitization, it has become of utmost importance for companies to understand how to conduct a Value Chain Analysis which is streamlined for digital businesses. This is of increasing relevance as the classical qualitative methods to conduct a value chain analysis such as a Porter’s type of analyses are redundant for the digital businesses as they do not have standard business processes such as manufacturing, research and development, sales, marketing etc. For example, the e-commerce companies such as Alibaba, Amazon, ASOS, Airbnb, Spotify etc. have completely different value creating factors from those of the traditional players operating in these industries.

Thus, the webinar will identify and analyze the differences between the value chain of traditional businesses and digitized businesses to understand the factors/processes which add the element of profitability to the digital businesses.

The webinar will:

  • Identify and differentiate between the value chains of traditional and digitized businesses of the following industries:
    • RetailT
    • Telecom
    • Media
    • Value based healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Services
  • Analyze the techniques used for conducting a value chain analysis.
    In general, a the benefits of undertaking a value chain analysis beyond compliance related benefits, for example, controversy management.

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