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Digital economy does not just impact the way businesses are conducted but also how and where they are taxed.

TPA Global has remained trusted advisor of multiple digital economy based corporations for a number of years and our Eindhoven office located strategically in the Dutch ‘golden triangle of corporate innovation’ caters specifically to the needs of digitally disrupted businesses.

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We provide solutions from simple value chain analyses to complex intangible classification. For instance, assume you are a company that had a customer support department consisting of real people who were earning a cost plus margin, which has now been completely automated and requires minimal human intervention to operate. Does this mean that this software (which does exactly the same supportive task that was performed by the customer service department) now needs to be evaluated and remunerated as an intangible? 

We know it is difficult to carve out a taxable presence for digital businesses and the rules proposed by the OECD (or other jurisdictions for that matter) provide for nothing but more complexity with, quite often, no link to the value chains of these digital businesses.

This is why we continuously strive to understand more and more about how this new economy functions and thrives.

Digital Economy Handbook

Back in 2016, we wrote an informative book on the business and tax challenges presented by the digital economy. You can get our Digital Economy Handbook 2016 by clicking on the link below:

Digital Economy Handbook

Now we are busy with simplifying the changes brought by digital economy on business models. Click on the link below to get our simple, illustrative infographics showcasing the impact of digital economy on traditional business models:

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