Czech Republic Publishes The List Of Information Exchange Countries

; posted on
August 23rd, 2018

The Czech Ministry of Finance has published the list of countries exchanging country-by-country reports with the Czech Republic in Financial Report No. 7/2018. The new list contains 32 countries, replacing the current list of States exchanging reports under its earlier published countries.

Countries Based on the MCAA

Among the 32 countries in this new list, 31 of them are based on the Multilateral Agreement of Competent Authorities on Automatic Country Exchange (MCAA). The Czech Ministry of Finance intends to exchange country-by-country reports with all relevant jurisdictions to the OECD Secretariat. It is duly completed and legally binding in relation to the MCAA which aims at the global fight against tax evasion based on the Common Standard for Notification. The Agreement is following Article 6 of the Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters focusing on international co-operation in tax administration and on amendment of other related acts.

One Country Based on Bilateral Agreement

As regards the exchange of country-by-country reports on a basis other than the MCAA on the CbCR, only the exchange on the basis of an already concluded bilateral agreement between the competent authority of the Czech Republic and the competent authority of the United States of America on automatic exchange of messages countries. The United States of America, as the relevant Contracting State, is also included in the list of countries reporting CbCRs.

Source: Czech Ministry of Finance

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